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Why Adsense for Websites in 2021 (Brief Introduction)

Are you thinking about monetizing your website or blog in 2021 then this article is for you.

Why Adsense for Websites in 2021 (Brief Introduction)

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Are you thinking about monetizing your website or blog in 2021 then this article is for you. We will not be discussing the Adsense Approval process so if you are having trouble getting your Adsense approved or your request has been rejected then this article is not for you. 


This article is for those who are absolute beginners and are at the stage where they are deciding on their website monetization strategies. 


Adsense is one of the most sought-after ways of generating passive income and if you own a website that is doing quite well in terms of traffic then it's time for you to decide on the revenue streams coz ultimately time is money.


Why Consider Adsense?

Well, as the description says this is going to be very brief. Adsense is the most used and best way of making websites/blogs profitable here are a few most important Pros

  1. AdSense helps webmaster focus on generating that awesome unique content while it works on generating some money for your hard work. At the least, it will keep those online server costs covered.
  2. Unlike most of its competition AdSense can also very well go with your website as it can be easily customized to match your website or blog theme colors which means you are free to experiment with it as you like to maximize your revenue.
  3. Setting up AdSense on your site is like a cakewalk, and you can complete the entire process in less than a few hours. Comparatively, it is a lot easier than affiliate advertising.


The Nasty Side

While the money is always attractive it does come with a few drawbacks that you should be considering before going ahead.

  1. The first and foremost thing is to avoid click fraud. If you are doing well in terms of revenue generated then it is surely going to catch some eyes and one of those jealous ones who may end up clicking way too may time to have your Adsense account banned. We hope you do not have to shut down your gig as a result of this. What we suggest is to a have backup plan like eBook selling, Affiliate Marketing, and so on.
  2. The earning AdSense brings you are by no means constant and you will have to consistently outsmart your way through the trillions of websites out there to gets your prospective reader's attention and believe us this is going to be somewhat tedious at first.
  3. Now on there will be constant pressure on you to produce quality content constantly to keep those revenue streams going. A minute mistake may cost you dearly. This is often why a copywriter is employed and it ain't cheap to say.
  4. Out of context content or if any page on your website falls outside your niche categories that will result in ads not being targeted anymore which means you’re potentially showing ads to people who don’t have any interest in them and that can lead to bad experiences. 


So these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Adsense on your website. Now the choice of whether to go with it or not is yours, so think of a long term plan before going ahead.


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